Chapter 2

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If you enjoy being creeped out, you definitely heard about Dark Deception. This is a first-person horror game with an intricate storyline that will please you not only atmospherically, but also in the respect of its amazing plot. You have nowhere to hide and not a second to catch your breath. You need to keep running. If you stop even for a moment, you’re as well as dead. Captured in a trap of nightmare labyrinth where your only companion is a mysterious woman, you have just one way to save your life – find a way out of this murk. Are you ready to begin this trial the outcome of which you are unable to predict? If so, launch the game online and start off!

The game begins with a scary introduction written with a typing machine. It tells that you’re about to plunge into the darkness. After that you meet a woman who says she knows all your dark wishes and secrets. But she also says you can change your fate. Hopeful, you start your horror adventure. The woman tells you to gather parts of a magic ring that will get you out of here. Parts of this ring are hidden in ten nightmares where you can get through the portals surrounding the room you are in. The first one leads into a hotel.

You enter and find yourself at a check-in desk. Gazing around, you see an elevator with a monkey in it. But as soon as you notice it, the door closes and then the elevator returns to you already empty. It seems a simple thing, but it’s actually very scary! And there are tons of such small moments building up until something truly spooky happens. So, you rise in the elevator and step into a labyrinth where you have to collect pieces of souls belonging to those who were roaming it earlier and died here. This gloomy corridors are filled with monsters. There are three monkey killers pursuing you and trying to cut you with their knives. You have to be careful not to get into their hands and avoid them at all costs. After performing the mission, you’ll get the first part of the ring, but leaving with it won’t be easy. You’ll be attacked by a red-eyed monkey that will storm the elevator when you’ll be about to go down. Others will be following you as well. Your only hope is to get to the portal before they get to you. This is just the beginning of a mystical story that will unfold on your screen. You are about to experience plenty of other creepy moments and also decide whether you can trust the woman from your dream or not. Delve into this amazing horror right now and see if you can get out alive!