Chapter 4

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What constitutes a good horror game? Spooky atmosphere, gripping storyline, unexpected twists of events, terrible monsters and rattling screamers. But also mysterious characters – because, after all, every horror is the confrontation of a scared protagonist and a scary antagonist. One pursues the other and there should be a reason for that. In Dark Deception, we’ll try to unravel the personality of the man who got trapped in his own nightmare.

The main hero is the only playable character in the game. Yet we don’t know almost anything about him. Throughout the game, we find out more about his past, but these pieces of information hardly help us build a clear portrait in our mind. However, we can figure out what kind of person he is by his behavior while passing the levels. In most cases, he seems calm and together. In the first chapter he deftly avoids the hostile monsters and collets all pieces of souls despite the constant danger hanging over him.

We can also observe his intellect during the trials. For instance, he can identify each monster based on its characteristics and come up with the optimal tactics to use in each specific situation. One of his abilities is to listen out to the steps of killer monkeys to find out how close they are and not be outrun by their trajectories. Or use Agatha’s perfect hearing against her to lure her into an area without soul shards before proceeding to a new level in Dark Deception Chapter 4. This is what concerns usual human abilities. But since it’s a world of nightmares, here he can also use some supernatural powers. Let’s say, telepathy and teleportation. He uses them to learn the plans of his enemies and get past them when all the ways are guarded.

What we can also tell about the protagonist is that he is rather reserved. He never participates in quarrels of his guides and doesn’t even respond to their mockeries or scolding. The only case when he speaks out his opinion is after the ending of each nightmare. He expresses his thoughts through the typing machine making him even more enigmatic. What are these nightmares? Are they just a fruit of his imagination or some mystical realm he got into? There are no ready answers. If you want to find that out, you’ll have to follow the whole storyline paying attention to the smallest details and putting together pieces of this puzzle. And of course, getting scared a lot! Don’t put this incredible adventure aside any longer, start playing Dark Deception this very minute!