Dark Deception And FNaF

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Dreams… They bring us long-desired rest and wonderful adventures that we can’t experience in daily life. But we don’t only see good dreams. Some of them are bad and scary. And the worst of them is those where you can’t seem to wake up. Our hero got into exactly this kind of dream. And now he doesn’t know how to escape this nightmare. Luckily, there is a way out – he has to collect pieces of the souls across three locations to do that. In his searches, he will be helped by an enigmatic woman who meets him in a room with several portals, each leading to a different level. But she warns you that the buildings you’ll get into are full of dangers. Not a particularly bright perspective, but what can you do? You just hold your breath and take a leap of faith…

The soul pieces are guarded by horrible monsters, so don’t think you’ll just enter the portal and pick them all up one by one. Besides, they aren’t just lying on the floor, lit up and ready to lift. You need to roam a long and tricky labyrinth to find them all. Aside from the fact that this is a very unpleasant, troubling place on its own, there are also blood-thirsty monkeys stalking you out. They lurk nearby with huge knives, ready to jump at you with spooky screams and cut you to pieces. So you need to be extra careful if you hope to survive. Fortunately, these monkeys are rather loud – if you freeze in your tracks without making a sound, you can hear their footsteps. That will clue you in on the current location of the apes and help you predict their route – and, subsequently, make so that your ways part as far as possible.

But monkeys won’t be your only enemies. There are also golden guards protecting various entrances and pathways. Those don’t drag their feet across the entire location – they stand near their guard point or patrol part of the area. So you at least don’t have to worry about bumping into one of them unexpectedly at the last suitable moment. The one you have to beware, though, is Agatha – a spooky girl, or rather, a rotten corpse of a girl that will chase you with most persistence and that can teleport in some of the chapters. Don’t lose time, collect all soul shards as quickly as possible and run for the portal!