Gold Watchers

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You’re in a dark room. The fire is dead. The room freezes. All that remains is to light a fire. Again and again, hoping to keep warm. Outside it’s cold, the wind is blowing and strange sounds echo from the forest. You feel that stepping out is dangerous. But the need makes you go out into the woods and collect fuel. The buildings attract the wanderers who make you company in your settlement. But the warmth and noise of people lures not only “useful” travelers such as sellers or sages, but also dangerous animals that attack the residents. Curiosity pushes you to explore the forest and the surrounding area. This requires water and food. To descend into the caves, you need torches. To protect yourself against aggressive animals and hostile people, you need weapons, up to a laser rifle. Abandoned cities and houses, abandoned battlefields will tell you their stories, and the ending depends on you!