Dark Deception: Full Game

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Those who love horrors have a chance to appreciate a new game in this marvelous genre. This is a true horror from a capital letter that has all the necessary constituents to scare the hell out of you. The one that you start playing as a young guy and then get up from your computer with grey hair and destroyed nervous system. At first sight, there is nothing special here. A monkey with a machete. But the game is designed in such a way that its appearance will be one of the most scariest moments you’ve had lately! This game is like a nightmare under drugs, like nonsense a person with temperature is talking, like a trip behind the mirror glass. The classic first person shooter turns into a labyrinth of fear with a taste of imminent catastrophe. Dark Deception will greet you with creepy, endless tunnels you have to roam not knowing what is waiting for you behind the corner. The music is just to the point, it will make your teeth crunch in dread. The monsters will show up unexpectedly making you jump up in your chair and maybe even give out a short scream. Any second something can go wrong and you should be prepared for it if you hope to survive. The longer you wander through these corridors the higher the tension grows. Play Dark Deception online and see for yourself!