Chapter 5

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These days, nobody wants to play blunt, straightforward horrors where somebody just jumps from around the corner and scares you to death. What people want is a combination of suspenseful atmosphere and gripping story that would make them worry about the main hero and sympathize with them. Dark Deception is just the kind of a game. You are going to immerse yourself into the dark thoughts and bad dreams of the protagonist and help him get back into the outer world. For now, he is trapped inside his nightmare and has to find a way out. Will you lend him a hand?

Your main task will be to move through a huge number of levels in order to collect all the fragments of the soul on their territory. Coping with this kind of a mission won’t be so simple, so always try to improve your skills and combat abilities. The worst thing is that throughout the game process you will be followed by insidious and brutal enemies that will be difficult to deal with. Be careful and think of the ways to efficiently fulfill your goal. The graphics in the game are well executed, which will allow you to plunge headlong into a realistic, frightening and gloomy atmosphere. A multilevel world awaits you, the complexity of which will increase with each stage. The classic arcade in no way will let you get bored. You will always be in suspense. Get ready to fight the enemy at any time, and don’t forget that another evil monsters can be waiting for you around this very corner. The whole ambience is greatly complemented by sound that will allow you to feel the entire tension of events. There are a lot of exciting and scary adventures waiting for you in Dark Deception!