Dark Deception Mobile

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Looking for something to make the blood in your veins freeze? Willing to experience yet another horrible adventure roaming a gloomy and dangerous place and running away from evil monsters hunting you with one single intent – to kill you? Then you came to the right place! This brilliant game called Dark Deception will electrify hairs on your head! The hero is a person who sinned a lot, until the point his soul broke into pieces. These pieces flew in all directions and fell to the ground of various supernatural realms. Now the protagonist has to literally plunge into the darkness in search of his torn apart soul hoping to collect all the fragments and put them back together. This quest will guide him through a variety of levels where he’ll have to wander through a dark and troubling place pursued by blood-thirsty creatures. An abandoned hotel crowded with knife-wielding monkeys, an empty school where a corpse of a schoolgirl is roaming, a luxurious mansion guarded by golden statues – here are the creepy locations you’re going to visit on your way. Luckily, you won’t go up against them unarmed. Watch out for your numerous enemies, use your special powers, collect all pieces of your soul on the level and run for the portal until you’re found out and caught!