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We are used to perceive monkeys as cute, amiable creatures, our little friends, in many ways resembling ourselves. And if you ask any person in the street what danger a monkey can pose, they will most likely just laugh. But let’s imagine what will happen if you give the monkey a weapon? After all, thanks to developed fingers and high intelligence, these creatures can well use any of its types, even firearms. Not to mention a usual knife that will be quite easy for even a regular monkey to plant into its victim.

What if a group of apes turned out to be just a little smarter than their relatives and got angry at people, namely the protagonist of our game? They got giant knives somewhere, real Mexican machetes, and now they are chasing the hero all over the map, trying to strip him into small pieces. This is scary even to draw in your head. Just imagine: you are walking along the corridor, not suspecting anything, not expecting any trick – and suddenly a monkey armed with a cleaver jumps at you from nowhere with a wild cry and starts waving it in front of your very face! You are likely to be so overwhelmed by such a sight that you won’t immediately figure out what to do, and the moment for self-defense may be missed. Therefore, we warn you in advance: in Dark Deception, monkeys are not nice animals at all, but real butchers. You shouldn’t try to baby-talk with them or, worse, call them to yourself to stroke. Of course, the monkey you have chosen is willing to do so, but not to say hello. Remember: it has a knife behind her back that will end up in your chest or in your head or where else it will hit if you are not careful!

What are you going to do? How to escape from these tailed killers? There is only one way out – to go through an eerie, confused labyrinth, without running into any evil monkey on your path, and jump into the portal before they have time to reach you with their sharpened blades. Every second can be your last one! Walk carefully, listen out to the steps of your enemies and be ready to run at the slightest sign of danger in this amazing horror game called Dark Deception!