Chapter 3

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Our mind is a fragile thing. It can give a crack any time – and then we’ll lose the ability to tell our nightmares from reality. We can get trapped inside our darkest fears and it will only depend on our inner strength if we can overcome them and get back to light or stay lost in this murky realm. Do you think our hero can cope with his own dark impulses? Let’s play Dark Deception and find out!

The game takes us to a strange room with portals. Before you can ask yourself what that all means, a female silhouette appears. The stranger says she knows you from inside out and that she can help you get out of this joyless place. But first you need to collect what she calls shards of the soul. They are hidden across three locations, just as eerie and creepy as this one. And maybe even creepier because there are monsters that will try to get to you. Speaking in terms of psychology, the monsters represent your fears and the woman is your inner voice guiding you through the darkness. Well, let’s follow her and see what happens!

The levels are designed with a taste. The whole environment is spooky enough, the corridors, halls and rooms leave a desolate, ominous impression. And when finally some monster appears on a spot you least expected to see anything, you can feel shivers running down your spine. But being scared all the time is not what the game is about. Yes, it’s a horror, but more of a psychological one. You won’t jump in your chair because some vile creature just showed up before your very eyes. But you will be mesmerized and agitated by the entire atmosphere of the game and the mystery hanging over this gloomy place existing in the imagination of the protagonist. Play Dark Deception online and help him deal with his issues to get out of this nightmare!